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Behemoths Of Outerwear


Denmark has hygge, Sweden has lagom, Scotland has còsagach – each word denoting a sense of coziness and contentment during the winter months. Typically, these are terms intended to be applied to an indoor space – but what if you could take the same feeling with you beyond your front door?

Carhartt WIP’s Fall/Winter 2017 Parkas are facilitators of such winter snugness. Behemoths of outerwear, such as our Anchorage and Siberian Parka provide insulation but also isolation, cocooning you from the outside world, even when you’re bang in the center of it. Captured here by London-based photographer Rose Maisie Willoughby, each piece staves off the cold winter winds and careering sleet, without the need for any aesthetic sacrifice.

Pictures by Rose Maisie Willoughby.