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Berlin/Paris: Preacher's Comin’ - Theo Parrish All Night Long

In the modern era, a DJ is a part-time worker. Two to three hours is their average playing time. A short moment to tell an emotional story deep. A short moment that does not fit to anyone's signature sound. Washington-born, Detroit-based DJ and producer 

Theo Parrish is one of those cats who just can't do curtness. He needs extended time. He needs record players, he needs his E&S mixer and, most importantly, he needs a crowd that is willing to dive with him into an epic grooving journey. The people of J.A.W Family know this, and booked him for a long night in Berlin and a stretched afternoon in Paris, where Parrish will have the space he requires for his rhythmic art.
In Berlin, he’ll spins for eight hours at Prince Charles. In Paris he goes on a five hour trip at La Bellevilloise. Carhartt WIP is proud to present both events, which will show how profound Theo Parrish can be, when he digs deep into his record collection to prepare a voyage that flits from funk, soul and jazz to house and techno with a heart. If you’ve never heard a DJ going epical before, then both happenings are perfect place to start.
15/06/2017 - Prince Charles - Berlin - DE
17/06/2018 - La Bellevilloise - Paris - FR