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Carhartt WIP Radio Rewind Volume 3

Continuing with our Rewind series, which sees us spotlight some of our favorite Carhartt WIP Radio shows buried in our archive, this week sees us look back on Madlib’s 2012 Special Medicine show – a psychedelic collage of samples and signature Madlib sounds – as well as our 2013 Honest Jon’s show, with tracks selected by the store and label co-founder Alan Scholefield. We round things off with a more recent show from 2017, put together by French DJ and producer Jennifer Cardini, which showcases moving material from her label, Correspondant.

Carhartt WIP Radio October 2012: Madlib - Medicine Radio Show Pt. 2

In October 2012 Carhartt WIP presented the Medicine Show Europe Tour 2012, featuring US hip hop artists Freddie Gibbs, J Rocc, and Madlib. To accompany the series of shows, the Los Angeles-based DJ, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and producer Madlib prepared a Carhartt WIP Radio show, which drifts into unreleased, unheard, and exclusive Madlib material, while also showcasing some classic stuff, pulled from his multidimensional musical universe. An exploratory, 47-minute long, one-off-a-kind collage that melds hip hop and audio drama, leading to a psychedelic trip that only Madlib could conduct.

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Carhartt WIP Radio July 2013: Honest Jon's - Radio Show

A record collector’s paradise, London’s Honest Jon’s launched in 1974 and ever since has been a hub for music lovers, producers, and musicians from all over the world. In 2001, its owners Mark Ainley and Alan Scholefield, together with musician Damon Albarn, founded Honest Jon’s records, a label that mirrors the shop’s musical universe. Its “blinkers-off” approach has seen them release reggae, old and new Afro, jazz, calypso, and folk, as well as dance music and electronic avant-garde sounds. For Carhartt WIP Radio, co-owner Alan Scholefield selected some Honest Jon’s music, which staffer Budgie then mixed into a multidimensional narrative, with each track telling its story of its own.

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Carhartt WIP Radio June 2017: Jennifer Cardini - Correspondant Radio Show

In summer 2017 Carhartt WIP Radio released a show by French DJ and producer Jennifer Cardini, consisting of moving material from her label Correspondant. Taking the name from her legendary residency at Paris' Rex Club, Correspondant has released music by artists such as Man Power, Red Axes, and Borusiade. Stylistically, the label delves into various electronic styles, including acid, ambient, electro, house, techno, atmospheric new wave and synth-pop. For Carhartt WIP Radio, Jennifer Cardini prepared a mix that showcases the various hues of her multifaceted label.

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