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Spring/Summer 2019 Campaign by Chndy & Chebmoha

For the Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2019 Campaign, Middle Eastern photography duo Chndy & Chebmoha traveled to Tunisia – a place where Chebmoha spent his summers as a child, between the northern coast of Sousse and the southern island of Djerba. This latest project sought to rekindle that connection. Together, they explored Cape Angela, one of the northernmost points of Africa, the cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean waters of El Haouaria, and Tunis, the nation’s capital.

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They didn’t plan on staying for three weeks, but did so – spending two of them pleading incessantly with Tunisian customs officers to release their baggage.



What most would view as a nuisance turned out to be an enriching experience. That time was spent developing relationships with others – a mix of old friends and new ones, whom they’d connected with on the internet. Their backgrounds’ varied, including writers, painters, and the owner of a recently-launched almond milk business.

The relationships they built in those two weeks became the core of this Spring/Summer 2019 campaign. Shot in different parts of Tunisia, from the northern town of Sidi Bou Said to downtown Tunis, backdropped by the iconic brutalist Hotel du Lac, the locations and the people featured reflect the bonds Chndy & Chebmoha forged during their stay.


Photography: @chebmoha

Styling: @chndy_