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Emerge Collection

Shot in Queens by New York-based photographer Adam Jason Cohen, this week’s product edit is an exploration of new beginnings through subtle color contrasts, washed finishes and loose silhouettes. Featured ‘faded’ garments, such as the Michigan Coat and Detroit Jacket, have undergone a unique pigment dye treatment, leaving them looking washed out yet saturated. These are complemented by the warm neutrals in the S/S22 collection, seen in the Hamilton Brown tones of the Classic Vest and Flint Pant. Fits are loose and relaxed, signifying an easier take on spring layering.

Emerge Collection

Emerge CollectionEmerge Collection

Michigan Chore Coat (Spring)t | Pale SpearmintFlint Pant - 15 Wale Corduroy | Hamilton Brown

Hooded Chase Sweatshirt | Pale QuartzVest (Spring) | Hamilton Brown

Emerge Collection

Emerge Collection

Emerge Collection

Dixon Shirt Jacket | Icy WaterDouble Knee Pant | Dusty Hamilton Brown Faded

Essentials Bag | Mend CamoDetroit Jacket | Razzmic

Emerge Collection


Photographer: Adam Jason Cohen | @adamjasoncohen
Model: Mark Rosa | @marketpricemark
Stylist: Todd Johnson | @ohshyttodd