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Carhartt WIP Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign

Too many ads, not enough stories? Carhartt WIP’s Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign seeks to soothe the sense of disappointment we have all felt when flipping through a hefty magazine. 

Shot by Paris-based photographer Maciek Pogoza, the series of pictures is inspired by seven micro-stories, taken from the everyday lives of the anonymous protagonists featured. These flash-fiction narratives also form a part of the final print ads. Staged and lit like a classic movie still, each accompanying story is only a few lines long – just enough to give a telling glimpse of each moment.

Pogoza, a frequent Carhartt WIP collaborator, applies his signature analogue style to each of these images, resulting in a distinct tone and color palette for each scene. These are combined with a layout that references classic print ads from the 1960s and 70s, which would typically be filled with by blatant sales copy or product descriptions. Instead, this F/W19 campaign spins tales of departures, strange dreams, and potential asteroid impacts.

Photographer: Maciek Pogoza @maciekpozoga

Text: Anna Sinofzik @marshallmcdonalds

Creative Direction: Tim Kottmann @zeekndestroy

Brand Direction: Wilfried Atzert @wilfried_atzert

Styling: Dan Sablon @dfsablon

Set Design: Emilia Margulies @emilia.margulies

Hair & Makeup: Helena Narra @helenanarra

Production: Walandi Apoussidis @walandi.a