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Fall 19 Women's

A momentary escape to the country, as summer turns to fall. The first pieces from the Fall/Winter 2019 Women’s collection are captured here by French photographer Emma Le Doyen, whose images blend rough and delicate, burnt-out cars and floral motifs.

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The clothes mirror this duality. There’s scratchy, stiff canvas pieces, which will soften over time, developing their own unique character. And there’s classic, work-inspired garments, such as the W’ Bib Overall, which is typically created in a robust canvas or twill. Here, however, it appears in a plush, soft corduroy.

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These cord pieces, which include work shirts and wide-leg pants, perhaps best reflect the rich autumnal hues of this season’s collection, as deep blues, rusty reds and tobaccos browns are mixed with an almost mustard-like pop of yellow. As ever, these pieces appear alongside muted staples that bear subtle Carhartt WIP details and branding.

Photos by Emma Le Doyen | @emmaledoyen