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Giddy 7

Giddy #7 is online now and it's by far one of the funniest edits in 2018. Make sure to watch Romain Batard's latest 4:33 minutes Giddy edit, featuring Mickaël Germond, Joffrey Morel, Jérémy Garcia, Julien Morin, Willy Maine, Etienne Chatelain, Morgan Katomba, Franz Grimm, Pierre-Jean Chapuis, Marc-Alexandre Barbier, Jacob Sundell, Alexis Jamet, Conor Charleson, Hervé Leroy, Edouard Depaz, Oscar Candon, Clément Bossard, Carhartt WIP riders Felipe Bartolome, Rémy Taveira, and Joseph Biais. If you want to watch the whole Giddy series and much more good stuff, visit Romain's website right here.