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Joshua Woods: The hidden masters

Taken from Issue 03 of WIP Magazine, available now at Carhartt WIP stores.

“The hidden masters. You wouldn’t really see them, they’re just walking by. It’s just people who really know their craft and their shit,” says Julio Pineda when asking about his favorite aspect of living in New York. A saxophonist and skateboarder, he was born here, grew up in Florida, and now he’s back.

For issue three of WIP, Harlem-born photographer Joshua Woods spotlights his own hidden masters of New York and the people that make the city what it is.

There’s Vlad, who runs Public Housing Skate Team. Cristal Veras, a model who takes the train up to the Bronx every weekend to hang with her uncles and eat Dominican food. Aya Brown from Brooklyn, who is a painter who also works at Gavin Brown art gallery, and Lua Beaulieu, a model and artist. Olivia Roper-Caldbeck runs Tek Time, a club night in downtown New York. Troy, meanwhile, hails from Harlem, but is far from limited to it: he visits all parts of the city as he careers around town on his dirt bike. 

And then there’s Carma, Joshua’s grandma’, who lives in Manhattan, and the Bronx before that. “All the old stuff is gone, torn down, demolished, thrown in the garbage, done away with,” she says of the “old” New York. When asked by Joshua how she holds onto what came before, she replies “Pictures, I’ve got so many pictures. All my life, all your life.”

Photographer: Joshua Woods
Stylist: Taylor McNeill
Models: Lua, Julio, Vlad, Aya, Olivia, Cristal, Troy, The Woods Family; Extra Bikers: G and Ty
Make Up: Erin Green
Hair: Takayoshi Tsukisawa
Casting: Arielle Berman
Fashion assistants: Hannah Kuessner, Sara Taffel