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Lunch is a 30 minute long video filmed all over Europe from 2012-2018 by Krzysztof Godek and features an endless number of skaters including Carhartt WIP team rider Michal Juras.

Check out what Krzysztof Godek has to tell about it:
"Lunch. is the effect of me being addicted to filming skateboarding, and not having any idea what else I could do with my life for the last six years. After my previous full length project Problem? premiered on 12/21/2012 (the most probable date of the end of the world), I was very sure that the world was going to collapse so I decided not to make any plans for the future. No plan B, nothing. When I realized that the world was still there I didn’t know what to do next. First decision I took was to move to Oslo, because it’s the opposite of Poland. You earn a lot there for basic jobs so it’s easy to save some money for trips."...

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