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Many hands, one Double Knee Pant

How do you quantify expertise and craft? The numbers — 9 fabric checks, 68 steps, 250m of thread — don’t do it justice. Neither does the time taken to make a single pair of Double Knee Pants: 40 minutes from start to finish. Each one passes through countless pairs of hands, as stitches and details are added, until you have a finished product. The process is complex yet fast-paced; each station is handled by an expert in garment construction.

The Double Knee Pant is one of our most iconic styles. Ever-present in our collections, its design is consistent, its durability renowned. These are qualities that come through repetition and an understanding of the nuances that make for a long-lasting, timeless style. This is because we believe our garments should outlive seasonal cycles, and that a core element of Carhartt WIP’s approach to sustainability should be to make items that you can return to again and again.

Constructed in one of two manufacturing locations owned by Carhartt WIP in Tunisia – in a region that boasts a proud history of making quality garments – each Double Knee Pant is a result of collective endeavor, calling upon years of expertise and know-how. The result is work pants that are identical in shape and form. But behind that uniform appearance is unerring precision and impeccable craft, as many hands make for light work.