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Milan: Carhartt WIP presents PAN - 10 Years at Spazio Maiocchi

Carhartt WIP proudly presents PAN - 10 Years (2008-2018) at Spazio Maiocchi, "a new social space where art, design and fashion blend to shape new cultural experiences". The futuristic rolling Berlin-based label is run by artist and musician Bill Kouligas, focusing on contemporary electronic music that is deeply linked to the progressive digital dynamics of our times. Beside the head-honcho Kouliga, who will be DJing, will be the crème de la crème of his label travels to the capital of Lombardy.


Deconstructed dance music from one-of-a-kind duo Amnesia Scanner, who’ll present their latest album "Another Life”. Also New York based performance artist and producer Eartheater brings the abstract pop ideas of her third full-length album IRISIRI on stage. More discrete performance art that links with avant-garde music comes from Chinese, Berlin-based artist Pan Daijing, whose shows always haunt each spectator long after the last tone has stopped. From Italy Still, a project of on the go Hundebiss Records chief Simone Trabucchi, will present edgy drone dub that plays with the spiritual singing and dubbing of several African-Italian live-vocalists. Furthermore, the PAN artists TCF from Norway, Berlin-based Finnish installation, poetry and sound performance artist Jenna Sutela and Dutch artist Harm van den Dorpel will provide music, visuals and installations, and ensure PAN's visit to Spazio Maiocchi will be one to remember.
14/11/2018 - Spazio Maiocchi - Milan - IT