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Note Shop - Hot Air

Machester’s Note Shop just released a video entitled "Hot Air" which is entirely filmed at Sadler’s Yard in Manchester with the Note Shop crew. Click here to watch the 10:33 minute long video, filmed (obviously not his own tricks) and edited by Carhartt WIP team rider Joe Gavin, featuring Ferg Anderson, Ben Grove, Keanu Robson, Mark Stockton, Rueben Horvath, Dan Cintra, Joe O’Donnell, Matthew Nevitt, Armani Rochford, ‘Deep’ Sam Bottenberg, Victor Irigoyen, Lloyd McLeggon, Pablo Carasa, Jay Stone, Phat Jim, Tom Day, Joe Roberts, Sam Pendlebury, Gez Curran, John Bell, James Gell, Paddy Gomulski, Ian Williams, Neil Worthington, Dom Henry, Phoenix Luke, Marcus Craven, Charlie O’Donnell and Chris Maddox...

Great job, Joe!