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RAPRAVE SEASON0NE - Detroit 10/07

RAPRAVE and Carhartt WIP continue their SEASON0NE partnership with RAPRAVE DETROIT on Saturday, October 7th 2023. Building upon the energy from August’s NYC event, RAPRAVE’s next installment will welcome Amadeezy, Blackmoonchild, Dastardly Kids, DJ Godfather, Tammy Lakkis and RAPRAVE resident DJs to Detroit’s Conant Gardens Body Shop venue.

Founded in NYC, RAPRAVE seeks to unify international sounds and dancefloors. Since the inception of both hip-hop and electronic music, crossovers between the two have produced countless subgenres (ghettotech, juke, hip-house, dnb, trip-hop, grime - to name a few). As these sounds blossomed, so did their communities, growing more substantial but more distinct. RAPRAVE seeks to bring it back to the start - to celebrate the longstanding symbiosis of this encompassing universe - to rejoice in the entire repertoire, under one dedicated banner. As a connoisseur of these sounds, RAPRAVE continuously adds to its comprehensive sonic library - shedding light on deserving creators who are breaking unique ground. RAPRAVE builds its global community in the physical and digital space, providing an open and bilateral conduit for communication. Moving forward, RAPRAVE will solidify its foothold with artists and admirers alike as an incubator for a new ethos that outspans all barriers.

For tickets and more information visit Resident Advisor and enjoy recap pictures from RAPRAVE Brooklyn here: