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Relevant Parties Podcast Series - Mahogani Music

In the latest episode of our monthly podcast series RELEVANT PARTIES, host Chal Ravens delves into Detroit’s rich musical history, exploring the world of Mahogani Music, the label founded by iconic DJ and producer Kenny Dixon Jr., better known as Moodymann.

Since 2002, the imprint has drawn on the musical soul of Motor City. Its output incorporates a slew of genres – house, hip-hop, jazz, funk, soul – with a catalogue that features music from the likes of Amp FiddlerCelebrity BBQ Sauce BandDez AndresJ DillaRick Wilhite, and of course Moodymann. Over time, the label has become both a cornerstone of the city’s music scene, and symbolic of Detroit’s seminal contribution to global dance music culture.

In the 12th RELEVANT PARTIES episode, UK music journalist Chal Ravens speaks to Traci Washington and Florence J. Leigh, the women who keep Mahogani Music running from their respective bases in Detroit and Vienna, Austria. They reflect on their unusual roles as caretakers and collaborators on this resolutely underground label and on the unique artistry of the label’s founder. The episode also features insights from label staples such as Amp Fiddler, Dez Andres, and Norma Jean Bell.

This episode marks the end of RELEVANT PARTIES Vol. 2. The podcast will return in Fall/Winter 2021 with a new season and format, which explores cities that have impacted our musical landscape and the subcultures that underpin them. Stay tuned.