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Relevant Parties Podcast Series – PAN

Relevant Parties Episode 7: PAN

RELEVANT PARTIES returns for Spring/Summer 21, as we continue to delve into the archives and quiz the architects of some of the world’s most innovative independent record labels. Kicking off Volume 2 of this six podcast series is Berlin’s PAN – a relative newcomer compared to many of the labels featured so far, but one which has garnered a reputation for its experimental and multifaceted approach since launching in 2008.

Founded by DJ, producer, and artist Bill Kouligas, PAN has released work by the likes of British musician and DJ Lee Gamble, his compatriot and Turner Prize winning visual artist Mark Leckey, American experimental music producer Yves Tumor, Chinese musician Pan Daijing, German artist Anne Imhof, Venezuelan multihyphenate Arca, New York-based performance artist Eartheater, UK producer Beatrice Dillon, and the Finnish multimedia duo Amnesia Scanner. For an aural journey into the world of PAN, you check out our most recent Carhartt WIP Radio show, curated by Kouligas.

Tune in to hear what RELEVANT PARTIES host Chal Ravens discussed with Bill Kouligas about the value of “difficult music,” the label’s 13 year history, and the post-pandemic future for underground culture.