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S/S23: Remastered

S/S23: Remastered

Photographed in his Berlin-based home by Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, Steffen Grap wears items from the brand’s S/S23 collection that focus on reimagining utilitarian classics, including the Skyler Shirt Jacket, Wesley Bib, and Craft Pant.S/S23: Remastered

S/S23: Remastered

S/S23: RemasteredGrap is a photographer and artist from Berlin, whose work draws on the idiosyncrasies of skateboarding, relaying them for a wider audience through the mediums of photography, airbrush, collage, and wheat-pasted posters. The latter has seen him hijack billboards around the city to display his own work, rendering these sites of advertising and commerce as his own personal canvas.

S/S23: Remastered

Skyler Shirt Jacket | Storm Blue (garment dyed)Bib Overall | Wax (stone washed)

American Script Sweatshirt | TeideReno Shirt Jacket | Yucca (garment dyed)

S/S23: Remastered

S/S23: RemasteredS/S23: Remastered

Photographer: Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

Model: Steffen Grap