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Studio Visit: Artist Taylor Simmons

Artist Taylor Simmons Sitting down wearing the Vista T-Shirt in Mirror

Photographed in his New York studio, the Atlanta-raised, Brooklyn-based artist Taylor Simmons wears items from the F/W23 collection, including the Detroit Jacket, L/S Kyle Shirt, and Regular Cargo Pant.Artist Taylor Simmons hand painting on a canvas while holding out their phone.

Artist Taylor Simmons wearing the Kyle Stripe Shirt in Salt

Painted Canvas of A manPaint pallette with assorted colors

Simmons’ paintings take inspiration from personal memories, as well as a breadth of meticulous research and archival imagery, culminating in scenes that appear both vivid and fragmented. He debuted his solo exhibition “Everything All At Once” at London’s Public Gallery in 2022.Mask strap holding a container filled with paint brushes

Artist Taylor Simmons sitting down wearing Kyle Stripe Shirt in Salt and Landon Pant in Blue

Close up of Carhartt WIP Vest zipper detail.Painting of a leg wearing light green pants and red shoes.

Photographer: Bijan Sosnowski

Model: Taylor Simmons