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Winter 2021 by Joaquim Bayle & Sylvain Sey

For its Winter 2021 campaign, Carhartt WIP has worked with Joaquim Bayle and Sylvain Sey to offer a cinematic ode to winter in the city, as artificial, neon-hued lighting adds an atmospheric feel to a series of clipped vignettes.  

The short film is the second time Carhartt WIP has worked with the duo, following on from the brand’s Summer 21 campaign, in which the pair – who first met while working at Carhartt WIP’s Lille store – offered a meditative take on summertime boredom. Here, similar themes of solitude are transposed onto a less idyllic setting – one that requires robust garments to guard against inclement weather. 

The film, according to Bayle, was inspired by neo-noir thrillers like Nightcrawler, as well as the lonely figures of Edward Hopper paintings and early aughts TV shows, set in dense urban areas, such as London, New York, and Baltimore. This mix of reference points saw the duo focus on “dark, cold landscapes,” brought to life by the people who come alive when night falls. 


Photography: Joaquim Bayle & Sylvain Sey 

Models: Mariame Ouattara, Li-yun Hu, Tandrina Andria-ntoanina, Remi N'Guyen, Elyas Polat 

Styling: Clara Viano 

Make Up : Chloé Demoussis 

Producer: Antoine Watine

Production: Miles