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WIP Magazine Issue 04

The most comprehensive issue to date, issue 04 of WIP magazine features interviews with Awake NYC’s Angelo Baque and London-based musician Nilüfer Yanya, a guide to Taipei courtesy of Taiwanese band Sunset Rollercoaster, and an in-depth look at Amsterdam skate brand Pop Trading Company. 

Our seasonal dossier – which in the past has explored Berlin’s burgeoning graffiti subculture and Moodymann’s Soul Skate festival in Detroit – focuses on the 30th anniversary ‘Second Summer of Love,’ when acid house exploded across the UK. The topic serves as a conceptual starting point, as we explore themes of artificial nostalgia, cultural excavation, and futuristic interpretations of this subculture, which fizzled out some time in the mid-90s. Conceived in collaboration with London-based artist Charlotte-Maëva Perret, who contributes visual interventions throughout, the 36-page section includes a wide-ranging interview with artist Mark Leckey, a reprint of Gavin Hills’ 1991 article for The Face titled, ‘Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?’, and a future-facing essay from Omsk Social Club, the Berlin collective at the forefront of Europe’s cryptorave movement. 

Additionally, we pay tribute to Motown, coinciding with Carhartt WIP’s collaboration with the iconic American record label. This sees a series of essays from the likes of artist Martine Syms, musician Illa J, and Stuart Cosgrove, author of Detroit 67. These personal tributes to Motown’s remarkable legacy are accompanied by a series of images created by NYC-based visual artist Hassan Rahim. 

Online orders over $200 include a free copy of WIP Magazine Issue 04. Also available in-store at Carhartt WIP New York and Los Angeles and select retailers. Stock is limited.

Bodega, Boston
Bodega, Los Angeles
Burn Rubber, Michigan
Ubiq, Philadelphia
Lower East Coast, Miami
Virgil Normal, Los Angeles
Alumni, Flushing NYC
Darkside, San Francisco
Likelihood, Seattle
August, Wisconsin
Proper, Long Beach
Commonwealth, Virginia Beach
Notre, Chicago