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WIP Magazine Issue 06. Out Now.

Carhartt WIP is pleased to unveil its sixth issue of WIP magazine.

For this latest issue, acclaimed filmmaker Jess Kohl and writer Clive Martin explore the low-budget, high-octane scene of British stock car racing, in a 24-page smash-mouth dossier that serves as a precursor to a forthcoming documentary film by Kohl. Additionally: Detroit-based Omar S. protege John FM reflects on the roll of the dice that brought him back to making music after almost a year away. The sibling duo behind Toogood discuss the studio’s foundations in fashion and design, ahead of their collaboration with Carhartt WIP. Legendary skate writer Ben Powell unpacks the power of longform filmmaking within the culture, while Manuel Obadia-Wills shoots the brand’s skate team ahead of the Paris premiere of INSIDE OUT

Elsewhere in the magazine, two editorials spotlight the Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Both shot in New York, Texan photographer Rahim Fortune captures his cadre of close friends and collaborators, while T-Bone Fletcher serves up a graphic-emblazoned glimpse of Chinatown.

The issue also includes interviews with artists Stefan Marx and Ed Davis on the value of collaboration, iconic hip hop photographer Sue Kwon on her latest book Rap is Risen, prophetic political thinker Mike Davis on his fading love affair with Los Angeles, nascent London-based musician Lauren Duffus on music being like therapy, and Tresor founder Dimitri Hegemann on nurturing the next generation of subcultural provocateurs. 

Issue 06 is available from select global retailers, Carhartt WIP stores and our online shop.