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WIP Magazine Issue 09 – Available Now

Esteban Raheem Abdul Raheem Samayoa on the cover of WIP Magaizne Issue 09

Now in its ninth edition, WIP magazine features a cover graced by Oakland-based artist Esteban Raheem Abdul Raheem Samayoa. We meet Esteban on the eve of his latest solo show, with images shot by Daniel Derro Regan. 


Inside, there are stories that span two generations of Milan’s idiosyncratic graffiti scene, teenage rebellion in a Catholic all-girls school, and early internet chat rooms. Our central dossier for this issue goes behind the scenes of Precious, the forthcoming Carhartt WIP skate film by Joaquim Bayle, shot between NYC and Los Angeles. This is accompanied by a collaboration with the Spanish artist Carlos Saez, who shares the making of a new body of work, while discussing posthuman futures with Huw Lemmey. 


We also join UK-based musician Wesley Joseph in the Swiss mountains, as he records his latest album; Matt Moran on the streets of Tokyo; and Ekua King as she captures her community in London. DeForrest Brown Jr., meanwhile, returns to deliver ‘Landing the Mothership,’ exploring the work and influence of the late-night Detroit radio DJ The Electrifying Mojo, whose Afrofuturist missives helped inspire a generation of techno innovators.

WIP Magazine Issue 09 in Multicolor


WIP magazine issue 09 is available now at select global retailers, as well as from Carhartt WIP stores and our online shop.

Featured photoshoot from WIP Magazine Issue 09 of Model wearing Carhartt Chore Coat and OG Single Knee Pants

WIP Magazine Issue 09 featured photo spread of shirtless model ,melted car headlight and featured spread of images and text.

Vertical Image of featured blurred photographs in WIP Magazine Issue 09

Featured image spread of shirtless model working on a red motorbike in WIP Magazine Issue 9