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WIP Magazine Issue 10. Out Now.

WIP Magazine Issue 10

WIP magazine returns for its landmark 10th edition. Spanning over 200 pages, it is the biggest issue to date and explores style, subculture, music and art through the brand’s unique lens. 


This issue is presented with two covers. The first features New York rapper and musician CLIP, shot by French photographer Paul Mérelle. In the accompanying interview, CLIP discusses her permanently-online persona and why she has chosen to eschew the advances of major record labels.

WIP Magazine Issue 10

WIP Magazine Issue 10

The second cover, shot by London-based photographer Sirui Ma, draws from this issue’s central dossier, Clockwatchers. This 28-page feature examines what the future of work will look like in the face of a looming climate crisis. Across a series of essays, interviews and visual interventions, we speak to Malcolm Harris, author of Palo Alto, about the urgent need for degrowth; offer a meditation on the shapeless absurdity of corporate-creative work; reimagine the office space of the future with architect Fabienne Sommer; and explore the ubiquity of ‘the deck’ as a pitching method – which not only shapes the world around us, but also ourselves.WIP Magazine Issue 10

We also speak to Baltimore-based musician Nourished By Time, on the eve of his latest project, Catching Chickens, as he continues to define his own “post-RnB” sound. Artist Diamond Stingily, shot by Rahim Fortune, discusses discipline, boundaries, and security. Photographer Robert LeBlanc shares a preview of his latest project, Tin Lizards, journeying to the outermost reaches of America by train. 


In addition, we travel to Douala, Cameroon, to visit Jail Time Records. Founded inside one of the country’s most notorious prisons, Jail Time is reconfiguring just what a record label can be, platforming incarcerated artists while also offering a pathway to a new life.

We also sit down with the London-based Congolese sound and performance artist Cõvco, with accompanying images by Joyce Ng. Hanabi, the French design duo known for their work with Drake and La Fève, outline their creative intentions for the future with the release of their latest book. Spanish skater Maria Navarro takes a smoke break to explain her surrealist ashtrays. And we step into artist Anthony Coleman’s warped world of pop culture references.

WIP Magazine Issue 10

WIP Magazine Issue 10

In Taipei, we visit jeweler Shiningmaker, as he explains the process behind his playful yet minimalist grillz. Meanwhile, in Reading, England, filmmaker Cieron Magat explores teenage boredom set against the backdrop of a typical UK high street. The Spring/Summer 2024 collection is also captured by photographers Catherine LoMedico, Den Niwa, and Tolya Titaev. 

The issue closes with author Geoffrey Mak in conversation with Hua Hsu, as they discuss Mak’s debut book Mean Boys; and an interview at the Tokyo home of writer and theorist W. David Marx, as he ruminates on culture, status, and desire.


WIP magazine Issue 10 is available now at select global retailers, Carhartt WIP stores, and our online shop.